Chad Hunt

Realtor Partner

Chad grew up in in the Northern Virginia Area and has lived in many different cities and counties all along the I-66 and I-95 corridors. Chad decided to get into Real Estate after spending 8 years on active duty in the United States Navy. After deploying twice for our country, he wanted to find an opportunity that would allow him to be closer to his family. He has a passion for helping people and saw no better way than assisting families in the tedious nature of the buying and selling of their homes. Chad remains active in the United States Navy Reserves as a First Class Petty Officer (Mechanical Engineer & Navy Recruiting specialist).

Chad believes in the power of education and proper communication. A real estate transaction can be the most stressful time in any person’s life. If we go through any life experience without the proper expectations set before us, then we cannot be prepared. If we know all the details and possible mishaps that we may face along the way then we can hurdle any obstacle that is thrown at us.

At his free time, Chad enjoys spending time with his wife, Valerie, two kids, Ella and Noah and dog Kylo-Ren. He has a passion for being an “all-sports spectator” and has a big appreciation for the local D.C. sports market. He enjoys playing in the local adult sports leagues, “FXA”, for flag football, softball and kickball, and staying physically fit and ready for his role in our countries Navy Reserve Unit.

Two of Chads quotes to live by:
“Education is the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom” – G.W. Carver