Jenny Nalley

Realtor Partner-MD | DC

Jenny Nalley is a Realtor who works with buyers in all walks of life to find their perfect home that best suits their needs. She knows that genuine compassion and care for all clients and partners, along with true listening and communication skills, form the bridge that crosses the unpredictable waters of home-buying.

Jenny has landed a coveted position on The Reynolds Team, receiving over 30 hours of specialized Buyer Agent training and learning the tricks of the trade from the top Realtors in the business. She has been awarded numerous leadership accolades and attended leadership institutes to continue to hone her passion for serving. She holds a BS in Elementary Education specializing in mathematics and an M.Ed in Special Education, both from Frostburg State University.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring all corners of the world and experiencing different cultures. When I’m not traveling, I love to cook, read, attend shows, and spend time with my friends, my boyfriend Christian, and my dog, Sunny.