Liz Guecia

Buyer Client Care Specialist

Liz Guecia is the Buyer Client Care Specialist who is compassionate and caring.  Liz that works with buyers to achieve their goals through truly understanding buyers needs and assessing the best strategies with to help them achieve their goals.

Liz knows the decision to buy or sell a home is not taken lightly. She believes that through communication, building a strong relationship, and truly understanding buyers needs, she can help them achieve anything!

Liz has always had a heart for people and helping them successfully overcome difficult situations. Liz never thought she would find a career she loves that also allows her the satisfaction of knowing she has helped others through some of the most challenging decisions of their lives like real estate does. Liz has over five years of experience in the law enforcement and security industry. During her career in law enforcement, she was an emergency dispatcher helping people in their greatest time of need. She understands that to her clients this is the biggest decision going on in their lives and the scrutiny that comes with this. Liz helps buyers through these difficult times and achieve their goals through

Liz has been trained by the best in the industry on negotiations, strategy, and communications to be able to best assist buyers.

Liz grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Sociology with a minor in Psychology. She also holds her Master’s in Emergency and Disaster Management from American Public University.

At her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Alex, and daughter, Olivia. They enjoy exploring the incredible museums and local attractions in the area. Additionally, she enjoys traveling, reading, coffee, and playing board games with family and friends.