BIG things are happening at The Reynolds Team!

This year, we have been focused on expanding our Richmond, VA, team, and are SO EXCITED to finally announce that our superstar realtor partner, John Flynn, is taking on the HUGE responsibility of being Richmond’s Area Growth Leader! He and Expansion Partner, JoanE Justice, are now Richmond’s most iconic duo in impacting families through real estate. GO TEAM RICHMOND!

Speaking of BIG things happening, we helped an astonishing 91 families buy/sell a home in August!!! Normally, things tend to slow down this time of year, but our team has been on a roll with no signs of stopping! Here are August’s WINNERS:

✯ Top Buyer Agent: Reema Wadhwannia
✯ Top Listing Agent: Jenny Nalley
✯ Top Overall Agent: John Hutchinson
✯ Ratifying Machine: Michelle Bonner
✯ Get the Listing Award: Jennifer Dennis
✯ VIP Buyer Award: Fereshta Bakhtari
✯ Know Your Worth Award: John Flynn
✯ TOP ISA Based on Appointments Happened: Eddie Hernandez
✯ TOP ISA Based on Closings: Brian Parvin
✯ Top ISA “Hustle” Award: Eddie Hernandez
✯ Amazing Success Team Member: Gloria Tanner
✯ Amazing Marketing Team Member: Leanna Bostrom
✯ Amazing VA Success Team Member: Ron Baladad
✯ Best Month of their RTR Careers: Brian Parvin, Aaron Santos, Mackenna Banks, Kristina Inscoe, Mackenzie Cox
✯ Top Agent for Team Loudoun: John Hutchinson
✯ Top Agent for Team Prince William: John Flynn
✯ Top Agent for Team MD South: Jenny Nalley
✯ Top Agent for Team MD North & DC: Jennifer Dennis
✯ Top Agent for Team Fairfax: Alison Beach
✯ Top Agent for Team Richmond: JoanElaine Justice
✯ Top Agent for Team Atlanta: Mackenzie Cox
✯ Area With The Highest Growth- Prince William with Area Growth Leader: Elizabeth Falcon

Congratulations to all the SUPERSTARS and the entire team for their CHAMPIONSHIP mindset to NEVER GIVE UP!!!