Congratulations to our Reynolds Team Members – Dec 2020 Award-Winners

“It is time to shed the burdens of the past year and come up fresh and alive.” – Sadhguru

Can you believe it? We helped 105 families buy/sell a home! Wow, that’s 105 families we made an impact on! Amazing!!!

Our first All Hands Team meeting of 2021 officially closed the chapter of 2020! Although it was a crazy year, full of hardships and uncertainties, we are thankful for your support of our business and the opportunity to give back to so many Worthy Causes! Our Team hustled and poured their hearts into finishing the year out STRONG in the final month of the year! Here are the incredible Team members who WON their month in December 2020!

✯ Top Buyer Agent: Kanwar Sodhi, M.D.
✯ Top Listing Agent: JoanE Justice
✯ Top Overall Agent: JoanE Justice
✯ Ratifying Machine: Jenny Nalley
✯ Get the Listing Award: Jennifer Dennis
✯ VIP Buyer Award: Reema Wadhwannia
✯ Know Your Worth Award: Joel Wagner
✯ TOP ISA Based on Appointments Happened: Maggie Ball
✯ TOP ISA “Hustle” Award: Maggie Ball
✯ TOP ISA Based on Closings: Marc Parvin
✯ Amazing Success Team Member: Tim Bright
✯ Amazing Marketing Team Member: Leanna Bostrom
✯ Amazing VA Success Team Member: Edz Ayran
✯ Best Month of their RTR Careers: Marc Parvin, MacKenna Banks, Rvee Malazarte, Cheryl Duwe, Stacy Smith, Eva Goldstein, Thea Griffith, Linde Moore, Tony Staszak, Chris Getto
✯ Top Agent for Team Loudoun: Michele Bonner
✯ Top Agent for Team Fairfax: Kanwar Sodhi, M.D.
✯ Top Agent for Team Prince William: Darnell Edwards
✯ Top Agent for Team MD South: Joel Wagner
✯ Top Agent for Team MD North & DC: Jesses Griswold
✯ Top Agent for Team Richmond: JoanE Justice
✯ Top Agent for Team Atlanta: Kristina Inscoe
✯ Area with the highest growth: MD North & DC