Do Data Centers Impact My Home Value?

There’s big news for Loudoun County! If you haven’t heard, Google and Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai, has announced plans to expand its data center in Loudoun County with an additional $600 million investment, bringing its total investment in data center infrastructure in the state to $1.8 billion.

A data center is home to all the computer systems and digital inventory needed to make Google the tech conglomerate. For example, many of the employees across the Commonwealth work in critical functions such as Google Cloud, which allows for Google Search to be fast and reliable for billions of users. Essentially, they are digital storage centers for all the systems and telecommunications needed to operate the massive-sized company.

Since establishing a presence here, Google has created over 400 full-time jobs, kept taxes low for residents, and supported Loudoun County Public Schools and the Loudoun Education Foundation to help improve digital equity by purchasing hot spots and devices for students to ensure they had access to virtual learning during the pandemic.

Google’s goal to be a great neighbor has paid off—local economic stimulation has built a stronger community, and with additional tools being invested into Google, Virginia businesses, publishers, and nonprofits have benefited from using the platform to increase their online presence and connect with the people and communities they serve, generating $5.98 billion in economic activity.

The big question here is, how this new Google data center will affect you? Over the years, we have seen corporate campuses and offices inject people and wealth into local economies, typically causing growth and demand, most notably in commercial and residential real estate. If you own a home in Loudoun County, your investment will likely continue to grow with Google’s new data center. This will streamline new jobs and economic stimulation, causing the area to become more desirable, and thus, increasing home values as more families look to move to the area.

Loudoun County has a track record for already being one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Washington, DC—from 2000 to 2014, a 569% increase in population has since led to many upscale communities being built all across the county, and with Google’s new data center, this trend is likely to continue upward. With that being said, now is a great time to own real estate in Loudoun County and we predict your investment will continue to pay off in the long run. To learn more about how we can help you own a home and build your wealth right here in Loudoun County, call us at 703-297-4251.